Introduction to Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival

Yunlin is the hometown of the Taiwanese puppet theater. The puppet theater is a popular performing art with a history of more than 100 years. Since it has been introduced to Taiwan, the puppet theater has developed a unique set of Taiwan's local puppet theater performances by integrating the local customs and humanistic beliefs. Since 1999, Yunlin, known as the home base of puppet theater, has been holding the Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival to enrich the cultural and artistic vision of audiences nationwide and bring traditional culture and arts into the lives of the people. We also invite outstanding foreign puppetry groups to Taiwan to observe and exchange performance skills with each other. With the concept of "sharing culture, being one from all continents", we hope to enhance the interaction and exchange the experiences, so that the puppet theater can continue to absorb new ideas, develop and innovate in a sustainable way, and recover the lost audience of puppet theater.

Nowadays, puppet theater has also become a representative of Taiwan's "national image". Through the art and the international connection, the monumental local cultural asset of puppet theater can be passed down, local cultural industries can be promoted, local cultural vitality can be revitalized, tourism can be enhanced, and the reputation of Yunlin as the "original hometown of puppet shows" can be witnessed.

2022 Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival Curation Introduction

Curatorial Theme: Shocking Kung Fu

3 Major Goals: Start with music - See Yunlin - Look to the world

The festival is based on diversified music elements of puppet theater, and uses different sounds to ring out the Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival. We invite domestic and foreign puppet theater teams to perform and exchange with each other. We also use the puppet theater carnival to promote cultural experience by inviting local cultural institutions, local authorities (organizations), and community groups to participate in the production and execution of activities to enhance the ambiance and change the content of the festival.

Key Vision Concept of Design

Brand Vision: Strengthen the theme- Integrate the old and innovate- Face the world

Reframe and expand the possibilities of traditional arts

Based on the elaborate and colorful costumes of the puppets (The roles of Sheng, Dan, Jing, Mao, and Chou, representing male role, female role, painted role, and clown respectively), the traditional symbols are re-structured using geometric elements and combined with the shape of the Chinese character "Da" to express the cultural heritage of puppet show and magnify the imagery infinitely. The visual color is based on the expression form and core spirit. The expression form is characterized by the representative color of the five-color cloth of the puppet show as the color tone, and the color changes create allegory and illusion of various situations. The blue color is chosen for the core spirit, representing fierceness and courage. We hope that the 2022 Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival will bring the puppet show culture from Taiwan to the world.